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Civil Engineer

Venezuelan, Civil Engineer with masters in Real Estate and Finances in Venezuela, Realtor and General Contractor in Florida, U.S.A. In my country Venezuela, I was involved in the development and construction of several low income social projects, and here in the U.S., I have focused on Real Estate and General Contractor in the sectors New Construction, Commercial and Multifamily, still making to this day some Flips (Double Deals). Creating a structure for integral management of the same, since construction, remodelation and sales, guaranteeing a great result when it comes to quality and price for all sides involved, transforming a regular flip, into a a real Double Deal for both sides.

The segment I have passion for, and in the one I have a lot of experience with in my country, which I plan to implement and complement here in the U.S., is oriented toward the execution of housing developments for people with lower income, collaborating this way solving this important problem that exists in our society, through the construction of Urban Developments and housing inside the habitats that allow to promote a dignified life, with access to an education, health, security, sports, and production.


Executive Officer

Clayton Verduzco


 Chief Designer

Gregory Morgan



Carol Ledford



Gren Smith